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A Moravian travel blog in search of excellence…

The Blansko Klobasa (klobasa = sausage) was born following an invitation to watch a local football game in the Czech town of Blansko. After a full day of drinking, a couple of hours of football, and five minutes of klobasa we all decided that we enjoyed this very much and we should do it again – not just in Blansko but all over Moravia, and now even further afield. So here you have it, a blog which is part travel and part sausage… oh, and the odd bit of football.

Click the links on the left-side of the page to find information and stories from all the towns we visit.

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The Blansko Klobasa

4 thoughts on “About us

  1. You haven’t made it Karvina yet? I went twice a couple of seasons ago when they were in the second tier. They cooked klobasa on an open grill and it was far and away the best I’ve tasted. But they were playing in a temporary ground at the time ; they’re now back in their newly rebuilt home and in the top tier, so the good klobasa has probably gone along with the charm. Trinec isn’t bad either.

    • I believe we made it to Karvina, but not to the ground on that trip (although one of us may have done before this blog started off), so thanks for the tip. We were at Trinec but didn’t try the klobasa. Definitely next time! The best we have tried so far was at Breclav – proper homemade sausage. There are many contenders. Thanks!

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