Steps in One Direction


So, to Rosice for the final game before the winter break. We had a full complement of Blansko Klobasa members, two of whom have yet to see a Blansko victory! And we weren’t terribly optimistic that this would be the one either, given FKB’s rather patchy recent form, and the fact that Rosice were sitting second in the league.

Steps to Rosice

Shortly after leaving the station we were confronted with a huge flight of steps leading up to the main street. But we bravely slogged up them, fortified by the thought of the beer we were going to get at the top. And so, after a short diversion to look at the Chateau (Culture: tick), we headed for beer (tick). Thence down to Rosice’s ground, a trim little stadium,  with one small stand and some terracing running the length of one side of the pitch, and a view of the countryside, and a training pitch opposite. We were well impressed too with the local support – lots of scarves on show, and a drummer. Our own drummer was left on his own again , at least until we arrived, and looked a forlorn figure, poor guy.

Stadium entrance

As for the game, it was pretty much a summary of the season thus far. Blansko made a good fist of it, but Rosice looked more skillful and more physical, and with a bit more accuracy in their shooting could have won by a larger margin. It looked like boys against men for most of the game, and although Blansko took the lead with a well-taken goal from star player Honza Trtílek (missed by Craggy, who had had an embarrassing Mr Beanesque accident with the water taps in the toilet), Rosice hit back, and were worthy 3-1 winners.

At least the walk back was down the steps. And with a pub at the bottom.

BeerAnd the klobasa? Well, Rosice definitely produces a strong contender for klobasa of the season. Once again, however, we had to make-do with mustard as the only condiment, begging us to ask the question – what do football grounds have against kren (horseradish)? The peppery side dip adorns many a klobasa when it comes to restaurant eating, and even festival eating. But as a side to a football sausage it remains absent. This is something we will continue to investigate .

And so now the football season comes to a close for the winter break. But wait, what is that I hear you say? ‘Christmas klobasa?’ Oh yes, we will be on the search for the best klobasa over the winter period. But more than that, you may find us popping up at games all over Europe in search for the perfect football snack…

P:S. Can I (Wingy) say on behalf of all of us at ‘The Klobasa‘ a big thank you to those of you who have taken the trouble to look us up. If you have any comments to make about the site, or about life or football in general (the same thing really), we’d love to hear them. And we’re intrigued to know why you found us!