On The Goulash In Mikulov


FK Palava Mikulov 2  FK Satov 0

Attendance :82

Number of klobasas eaten = 0


There are not many moments in football that will better Aaron Ramsey’s 88th minute equaliser at The Heysel Stadium on Tuesday night (actually nothing and Belgium must have thought so too as they celebrated the 1-1 draw with a stunning firework display), but a gulas festival, followed by Fk Palava vs Fk Satov was an extremely  pleasant way of rounding off a good week.

Saturday morning , the 3 of us met at Brno Train Station to head off to the beautiful town of Mikulov on Czech side of the Czech/Austrian border. This would be my 6th visit of the year, with a series of romantic trips and wine-tasting piss ups (I should clarify not at the same time) being the previous reasons for travelling down. So, forgive me for my honesty, I wasn´t too keen on going down again, but… with the promise of a “Giant Dumpling Competition”, the Palavsky Gulasfest had been pencilled in my diary for many weeks and had even drawn interest from further a field – a new Klobasa ultra based in Bratislava.

During the week,I decided to do a bit of homework and discovered that the festival was the largest of it´s kind in the Czech Republic, so it was a bit niave of me to think that there would be just the 4 of us at Hotel Zamecek. It seemed that most of Moravia must had decided that eating and drinking in such  nice surroundings was the perfect way of spending a Saturday afternoon.

Gulas festivalAfter several helpings of the finest South Moravian goulash two of us headed to the ground for the game, while the other two decided that climbing Saints Hill with a bottle of Chardonnay might be slightly more entertaining than the 7th tier of Czech football. How right they were.

FK Palava and FK Satov, served up the most dire half of football, I have seen in a long time. Neither team attacked with any purpose, perhaps they  were also thinking of the goulash. The game’s only source of entertainment was Palava’s Roberto Baggio lookalike and he was even sporting the II Divin Codino’s ponytail (obviously not his, but I am sure you understand) .On the pitch he had nothing on Rob, in fact  he was  more like  Michael Bolton than the great Italian footballer. Back to the game, the first half passed without any real incident, a visit or two to the bar and a goal…yes a goal. A simple through ball resulted in both Satov ( pronounced Shatoff) defenders slipping, leaving Mikulov´s number 8 to “calmly” stroke the ball under the keeper and give the homeside a one nil lead to take into half-time.

Palava klobasaThe second half saw a marginal improvement with Mikulov creating a number of chances to increase their lead, but it wasn’t until the 90th minute and long after Michael Bolton had left the pitch (he indicated midway through the second half that he’d had enough) that they got the goal and what a goal it was..After a lovely break from defence, the ball was slipped  through to the Vojta Suby who produced a lob over the onrushing keeper. Karel Poborsky eat your heart out.

Palava crowdThe final whistle brought the crowd of 82 to their feet in celebration and as players went over to salute the faithful, we headed back to catch the back end of the festival, another helping of goulash and a chance to watch a huge man, drunk on goulash and wine, wrestle with a huge parasol  as he headed for the last stall standing. That was our cue to leave.

…and for those of you interested – Blansko lost 2-1 away to Napajedla.

This is not FK Palava

This is not FK Palava