The Tip Off

We were all set to take our seats at the must win game between FK Blansko v Tasovice when we received this ….


Now with the butcher making such a bold statement and with us in search of the perfect klobása, it was the choice between a 1/2 hour bus journey from Brno to Moutnice OR the 13.10 express train to Blansko. The kłobása won.

Fast foward to Sunday afternoon and although some of the newly founded Blansko Ultras had cried off with family and work commitments, 2 of us were there to meet up and head to Moutnice, a tiny village between Brno and Hodonin and the home of SK Borussia Moutnice who play in the 8th tier of the Czech football pyramid.

The bus pulled up at a stop named after a pub (Hostinec u Dolecku) – so both in agreement that if a bus stop is named after a pub, then pub must be top notch (Wrong! Czechs will understand if I say it’s in the 4th Group) we headed straight in for beers and some football and klobása chat with the locals. Well, we would have, but the people of Moutnice seemed far more interested in the latest episode of Beverley Hills 9501233444 than discussing SK Borussia’s chances of 3pts. After a glass of their finest Starobrno, the barman pointed us in the direction of the football ground – “Walk 50 metres and you will see a church, turn left and you’ll find yourself at the pond, turn right and you’ll be at the football ground. Don’t turn left.” Simple.

Rightly enough as we got to the church there was a sign to help us – pond one way and SK Borussia the other – I do love a good signpost.

20131008-083209.jpgWe paid 20kc to get in and with a beer took our seats in the main stand via the club bar and a sneaky peak at the club grill. Moments after finding our place amongst the SK Burussia fans (and immediately being told to sit down as we were blocking one gentleman’s view), the teams came out.

Now, neither of us had done our Moutnice homework and midway through the first half, I had to ask which was the home team. One team was kitted out in the 2008/9 Inter Milan kit while the opposition wore green and white. “The greens must be the home team, look at the corner flags”. Ah, the corner flags, of course – green and white. ….Wrong, one of the attractive WAGS next to us told that due to a colour clash SK Borussia were Inter – all very confusing. (Tonight, Matthew, we are going to be Inter Milan!).

The game itself was an entertaining affair with both teams attacking at a fair old pace, until they both tired in the second half. The highlight for me was the amount of goalmouth scrambles, 5 in total. These were old school, with the ball hitting posts and backsides before trickling out for a goalkick. Better than a goal in many ways. Without boring you with a complete match report, it was 10 man Babice who were dejected as the ref blew for full time, the game finishing 1-0 to the home side. The Babice players left to a gentle wave of abuse and past one old point trying to kick in the ref.

Ohh and how can I forget the klobása – the single most important reason for our trip to the mystical village of Moutnice. We can hear you ask, “how was it, the mighty sausage of legend?”. Well, it turns out that there were NO klobása on the grill! The tip off was actually from a student whose boyfriend plays for Moutnice reserves, but we were unlucky that day it seems. We did get to try the local “cigaru” , which is a thinner , spicier sausage, but it’s not a klobása, so the search for the finest football snack goes on…

Didn't someone say there was klobasa in Moutnice?

Didn’t someone say there was klobasa in Moutnice?