Have you got any horseradish?

The Blansko Horseradish

Sitting in U Mice (we do that quite often), sipping a Policka, I turned to Craggy and talked him through the trip to see Blansko’s opening game after the winter break. “Right, the idea is get to Vyskov, take a bus to Dedice to see where Klement Gotwtald was born, walk to Drnovice to see the old football stadium and then back to Vyskov to try the local beer in the brewery. How does that sound?” I didn’t wait for the answer, the plan was in motion…..except there was one major flaw – the season wasn’t kicking off for 3 more weeks and it was a Friday… oh well, we went for the hell of it anyway.

Fast forward 3 weeks and with two of us already having familiarised ourselves with the local area, we found ourselves back on the train to Vyskov. The idea was pretty similar to the first jaunt, the only difference being that we didn’t fancy heading over to look at where one of Stalin’s best mates was born, so replaced that with a trip to a pub for some food.

Stalin's mate woz 'ere

Stalin’s mate woz ‘ere

To give you a bit of background information on the the town, Vyskov is an army town situated between Brno and Olomouc. It is famous for it’s Dino Park where you can find about 30 life-size dinosaur models and the town also has one of the best rugby teams in the Czech Republic. So, yes, there isn’t a lot going on. The locals also have no idea that their football team are flying high in the 4th division and have a good chance of promotion…..

MFK Vyskov 3 – Blansko Klobasa 1

It’s 9.00am at Brno Hlavni and I am waiting for the others. It is fair to say the whole Blansko klobasa thing has become a bit of an obsession and that the 4 of us had been looking forward to the game since.. I don’t know when… for the sake of the story let’s say from the final whistle at Rosice back in November. Further proof is that we now have t-shirts and stickers….

As the train approaches Vyskov and you look out of the compartment windows, you see fields and villages and if you look really closely you see a stadium floodlight..honestly a football floodlight in the middle of nowhere. First stop on the trip was Drnovice, a village with a population of 2,278 (thank you wikipedia) and a football stadium with a capacity of 6,600, yep, I can’t really work that one out either. It is home to FK Drnovice who now play in the 8th tier of the Czech league system, but in their heyday spent 10 years in the top tier and qualified for Europe on two separate occasions. Every time I have visited Vyskov, I have always walked the 4km to have a take in a game or just to have a look at the condition of the ground. So, I was happy when two of the Klobasa shared my interest in seeing it’s current state (the 4th member was on gardening duty in Blansko) – Well, we are sad to say that stadium is unfortunately in ruin as there is nobody able or bothered to take care of it. It is more a hang out for the local teenagers, than local footballers. I am sure Craggy, will add photos to this article for you to make your own mind up.

Drnovice stands

Drnovice stands



The only thing to cheer us up before walking back into town was a beer..and the sun.  The first day of the Spring season had Moravia basking in glorious sunshine, so we headed over to one of the two local pubs in the village, where the regulars were watching a modern day version of the TV series “The Littlest Hobo”. Without wishing to distract them from their flat screen tv, we ordered 3 Bernard’s from the barmaid and asked her to open the beer garden. Not even a stray German Shepherd could keep us from sitting outside on such a beautiful day and off we went..

As with most trips, we seem to wander from pub to pub in search of either beer or food or both. One of us had spotted that the pub just across the road was serving up boar goulash for lunch. “I tell you what, let’s go over there and if they are serving it with potato pancakes, we’ll go in, if they or offering dumplings, we’ll head to Vyskov, okay?” Damn, dumplings – we went in anyway and convinced the waitress to adjust the menu to my taste, while one of the others mulled over whether she would have a campari as an aperitif…

With our bellies full, the 4km journey back into town was easy and we made the next stop off the train station pub to wait for Wingy who had now finished planting his potatoes and was on the fast train out of Blansko. Now, if you have been to a train station pub, they are bit hit and miss in terms of friendliness and atmosphere. This was definitely a miss, only the bar at Frydek-Mistek station ranks below  Vyskov. The beer is terrible and you can’t see through the frosted windows..unless your Craggy, he can see through anything. Confirmation of this came minutes after ordering our 3rd beer of the day. “There’s Wingy” he cried. I was absolutely sure it couldn’t be as a) Wingy had told me that his train was due  in 20 mins and b) he was staring at great big dirty frosted window…Off he went and back he came Wingy-less and dejected..

5 minutes later and with Wingy in tow (he had indeed been there but had walked off in the other direction), we were on our way to the stadium. Considering the position of the the opponents, there was a fair amount of optimism amongst us as we headed closer to the ground. Two quick beers were sank and before you could say “Jan Trtilek is a football genius” we were in the main stand greeting the two other Blansko supporters like long lost brothers. It’s truly was a welcome we weren’t expecting. Blaaannnnsskkoooo.

Now, I am writing this two weeks after the event, but I remember a few things about the game – it truly was a game of two halves. In the opening 45 minutes, Blansko’s game plan was to knock the ball up top for Honza to get a flick on and for his new strike partner Honza (popular name in CZ) to run on to. And… it worked a treat as Blansko lead one-nil at the break with a superb finish from the ever impressive Honza Trtilek. The only other point worth noting was how proudly the drummer introduced us to the home fans as “our British rowdies” ….we are quite clearly not.

Hand in hand they go...

Hand in hand they go…

The second half was a different story – The manager decided to do away with the tactics that had served us so well and looked a little lost in the second half. Vyskov scored 3 goals (assisted by the lines woman) and we took off our best player after 60 odd minutes…Very disappointing and can I even say a tad suspicious….

The highlight of our second half was the klobasa…but once again the stand had no horseradish… but this time we were prepared and even though he refused to lend us a spoon to serve up our kren, we had brought our own..let’s call it 1-0 to the Klobasa.

A trip to Vyskov wouldn’t be a trip to Vyskov without a beer in the local brewery and that’s where we headed, not to drown our sorrows at 3 point lost, but to celebrate a victory for horseradish and thoroughly good day out.

Vyskov brewery

Vyskov brewery

Some stats : Vyskov Klobasa 6 out of 10

Away fans : 7

Entrance: 40kc (with programme)

MOM : Jan Trtilek