Lost in…Karviná

Lost Boyos joined the Blansko Klobasa for this trip to Ostrava and Karvina…

Lost Boyos

MFK Karviná v Bohemians 1905

Městský stadion Karviná / Czech First League / 26th November 2016

It was 5.30am and I found myself on the train from Trnava to Bratislava with the taste of mulled wine from the opening night of Trnava’s Christmas market still prominent in my mouth. Bratislava was the first stop on a morning long journey. Today I was going to the Czech Republic for the second time – the small industrial town of Karviná in the east to be more precise. The attraction there? Watching MFK Karviná of the Czech First League and visiting the club’s recently redeveloped footballing home. Karviná was the end of the line for the day, but first it was decided that we would pay a visit to the nearby and more prominent city of Ostrava – the third largest city in the Czech Republic. The ‘we’ in question being me and

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