No Michal Kuglers


With the football season on a break and the Blansko Klobasa resorting to spending the winter studying the varying qualities of Brno’s vast array of pubs, Wingy, the long-serving resident of the town of Blansko, has popped up with his assessment on the state of things down at the Udolni stadium. This also gives us a chance to demonstrate our newest additions to match days (see photos). We will be back soon with more tales from the road…

It seems like so long ago now that we were in Přerov watching Blansko’s hugely impressive, and entertaining, 3-1 win (see our excellent post about it here). And we are champing at the bit to get back to watching the Blues in action. The season re-starts next month at Rosice (a town well-liked by the Klobasa), but there have been changes during the break. So, let’s look at the Good and Bad news for FKB.

Starting with the Bad News. Coach Michal Kugler, and his alike-named son, have moved on, to Blansko’s next opponents, Rosice. Also going with him is one of Blansko’s brightest prospects from the first half of the season, Prem Fousek. (It has also to said that these losses have been sweetened somewhat by Petr Sip also moving over. No great loss to be honest.)

But the Good News, well…. First, the best piece of news has got to be that Petr ‚Mecedes‘ Svancara is staying on at Udolni for the rest of the season. Mercedes has been huge for us so far this season (in more ways than one) and it’s really positive for us that he is staying, and gives us a good chance of having a crack at going up. Secondly, that Kugler’s replacement is former boss Zbzněk Zbořil, so a safe pair of hands there. And he’s moved to bring in replacements for the departing players, which seems to have been successful. Mid-season break friendly results have been encouraging, even if they are little more than training games, with Blansko scoring freely in several of them.

There’s also a little mystery for the second half of the season. Before Christmas a short video was posted on the club website showing an American guy calling himself Jeff Turner who was wearing a FKB shirt and claiming he was coming to play for them in ‚Dee-Fence‘ this year. Since then we’ve heard nothing more.

So we go into the second half with a sense of cautious optimism. Roll on Rosice!



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