Policka – Our Spiritual Home

On the tracks

On the tracks

Now, the name Blansko may adorn the title of this blog but regular readers may well be aware that the heart of the Klobasa remains firmly in Policka. It’s not that we don’t love Blansko, but the town of the best beer in the Czech Republic offers much which resonates soundly with our soul. So, when a free weekend arose and I asked Ralph if he fancied a trip, his first suggestion was naturally the one I had secretly been hoping for.

Our chances of the perfect trip were almost dashed as early as Brno train station. I arrived to find Ralph lost among the masses who were unexpectedly filling up the station to crisis point. Many suggestions were offered up as why it was so crazy, but apparently there had been a bomb scare. Whatever the case, it was going to take more than explosives to keep the Klobasa out of Policka, and soon enough we were sprinting towards our train, tickets and dreams in our hands.

Policka offers much to the seasoned traveller, but before any of that we went where the travellers most definitely don’t go – Pivnice Nadrazni. Maybe it is the smokey atmosphere, maybe it is the Jawa motorbikes strapped to the walls, maybe it is the fact that the waitress wanted to bring us a new beer every time we were halfway down our current one, that attracts us there. Or maybe, just maybe, it is because a pint of Policka costs 14kc. I don’t know, but I do know we disappointed the waitress when we refused the third offering. “Already?” she said. It was 11 in the morning.

The town

The town

Feeling adventurous we sank our next Policka in the Medieval-themed pub Herešova Krčma. We supped our ales and slurped our garlic soup surrounded by the walls of the great hall, feeling mightily royal in the presence of the impressive bar. I don’t usually go for novelty pubs but in Policka everything just works. Between here and the football stadium was just one more stop – the local brewery pub. We entered the smokey, wood-panelled darkness and were greeted like old friends. Well, Ralph was anyway. He and the barman got involved in some serious Czech premier league football talk in a language I can barely understand as I smoked cigarettes and drank a 17kc Policka before we headed on to witness football in the lower Czech leagues.

The greatest thing about the Policka football ground is, well, the Policka. This opinion was only strengthened by watching 2×45 minutes of woeful football, which gifted it’s first goal in the 88th minute just as we were already on the way out and heading towards the Jawa pub for a swift half, once again disappointing the waitress who was walking towards our table to two fresh beers. Unfortunately, we had a train to catch.







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