Pre-season News from Udolni.

We’ve basically been everywhere this summer and the travels continue, but we are now two weeks away from the first game of the season and should fill you in on the comings and goings at FK Blansko.

As with every amateur club in Czech Republic, you never really know what will happen during pre-season. With no player contracted beyond the season, you could lose your goalkeeper to a team offering an extra klobasa and beer or your striker for a pair of new boots. At Udolni, the biggest worry was whether we could hold on to the likes of our number 1, David Juran, defender Jakub Splichal and the front two of Jan Dolezel and Jan Trtilek and of course strengthening the squad by bringing in a much needed central midfielder.

It wasn’t long after the last ball of the season was kicked, that news filtered through that Jan Dolezel was on his way to Austria (we assume to play football) and wouldn’t be back for 2015/16. Then shortly afterwards the Fousek brothers informed the club of their decision to move onto pastures new. Premek joining MSFL new boys, Otrokovice and Radim rejoining Lisen in the same league. All three contributed greatly to Blansko’s successful fight against relegation and will all be missed by the Udolni faithful. (That is us and Pavel the drummer).

The biggest news concerned David Juran and Jan Trtilek. David was asked to join former top flight club Znojmo on trial for a week and Honza, Honza Trtilek had a 10 day trial at ambitious SK Prostejov. Now, reading the news left us a bit horrified, but simultaneously pleased for two players that deserve to be playing a better standard of football. Luckily, both clubs decided to send the players back, but with of a word of praise. Personally, I was more disappointed for David as this was the second year, he had been on trial and both times unsuccessful. Chin up, keeper – your time will come.

Surprise of summer break was Blansko signing Petr “Mercedes” Svancara. One of the most talented players to play in the Czech Republic in the last 20 years, Svanci had been keeping himself busy, by doing, what most people said was impossible and turning the Old Luzanky stadium from a forest back into a football stadium in just over 4 months. The reason? Well, On 28th June (in what was supposed to be his final game), 34,000 people turned up to say goodbye to one of the most popular players in Czech football and hello to the possibility of football being played again at the home of Brno football. We are looking forward to him entertaining the Divize crowds this season.

Also joining the squad is the manager’s son, also named Michal Kugler. (Two Michal Kuglers, there’s only two…) Michal Jnr is a talented midfielder who joins us from Breclav. In addition to him, the club website tells us we have resigned Ondrej Ullmann and David Jukl, both of whom will have to remember that football is a team game. Not too impressed with their work rate and desire during their last loan spell with us.

Finally, Kugler has kept his promise and is continuing to give youth a chance, with 3 or 4 of last year’s B team to the first team squad for the coming season.

First game is Prerov at home on 8th August. Come on Blansko.


2 thoughts on “Pre-season News from Udolni.

  1. Looking forward to it already. Gutted about the loss of Dolezel, who was without doubt our player of the year, but the thought of Svanci and Honza ripping up defences is an exciting one. ‘Red,White and Blue…FK Blansko’ (To be sung to the tune of ‘World Cup Willie’) is surely our new anthem.
    Does Mark 2 Michal K play guitar as well?

    • We did say you would be gutted about the Dolezel departure, but we honestly don´t know if it a holiday or not :-). I went to see Trtilek play against Sigma Olomouc and he got all of 30seconds. He is back now, so unless he gets a better offer, he should be there at the beginning of the season.

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