Born Sloppy

The Blansko Klobasa(For the unitiated in the ways of FK Blansko, goals conceded are marked with a snatch of Underworld’s “Born Slippy”. Reason – Unknown.)

Ralph was busy on an inspection tour of East Slovakian hostelries (more of which I’m sure you’ll be seeing here soon), so it was left to Craggy and myself (Wingy) to fly the TBK flag for this game with second-in-the-table Otrokovice. Blansko’s dip in form had left Udolni looking mightily sparse for this one, so it didn’t even reach the obligatory 250 attendance (the official figure was 220, but I think 100 of them must have given up and stayed in the bar, because we couldn’t see them).

To say that the game started in some what pedestrian fashion is a vast understatement. Blansko certainly weren’t playing like a team desperate for points. And if this was Otrokovice’s attempt to challenge leaders Velke Mězíříči, they may as well throw in the towel now, as they were as poor as Blansko, and you really would have struggled to have decided which team was second top or second bottom. So dire were the opening exchanges that only 16 minutes in I was astonished to find how little time had passed. It was like a lifetime. Or like watching a Terence Malick film, which feels about the same length. The game only came to life in the 26th minute,when a neat through ball gave the Otrovovice striker a chance to round David Juran and put them into the lead. This at last stirred Blansko into action, and a series of goal attempts which eventually bore fruit when Muller headed in an equaliser, after poor goalkeeping.

As half-time approached Craggy and myself decided to avoid the scrum at the bar by going a little early, and on return were rather nonplussed to learn that Blansko had gone behind again in our absence. (So the rule seems to be that if I go to the bar alone, Blansko score , but if we go together, the opposition score. Phew, these superstitions are getting harder to keep up with). The second half mirrored the first, with a period of tedium, only punctuated by a superb free-kick superbly saved by the otherwise disappointing David Juran. But as the game wore on, Blansko came more and more in it, and were rewarded by another goalkeeping error, as Otrokovice’s keeper appeared to punch into his own net from a corner. In the end Blansko were on top, and could have nicked it late on.

But 2-2 it finished, and is probably best looked at as a point won than two lost.

Player ratings: Juran 6, Bubinicek 6, Splichal 5, R.Fousek 5, Muller 6, P.Fousek 5, Sip 5, Gromsky 7 (Chloupek 5), T.Zouhar 6 (Necas 5), DOLEZEL 8, Trtilek 7.

Blansko stand

Blansko stand


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