Kugler’s Return Rocks Udolni

The Blansko klobása

The Blansko klobása

While some of the Klobasa were exploring the wilds of Eastern Slovakia, our Blansko native, Wingy, was at Udolni checking out the new-look FK Blansko. He would not not leave disappointed…

This was the first game after the Winter break against Tasovice, and one which had brought a little optimism back to the Klobasa, being the return of former coach ‚Rockin‘ Michal Kugler for his second stint .(To explain, we found a web-page showing him as part of a local band). The first half of the season had been pretty much a non-event, as under former coach Grmela the Blues had become a disjointed mess, containing half of Brno’s youth team on loan. So hopes were high that Blansko would look more like the team of his first tenure.

Ralph and Craggy were busy exploring East Slovakia (sounds very much like a euphemism but it isn’t) [More on this trip to come soon. Ed.], so i was sole TBK representative at Udolni. One noticable thing was that Blansko’s squad looks pretty sparce, so with leading scorer Ondrej Ullman now gone (though no great loss it must be said), and star striker Honza Trtílek yet again missing, Blansko resorted to playing midfielder Nečas up front, and Gromsky further up the field than normal. Early doors, Tasovice looked the stronger team, with Blansko looking a little rattled. However, the Gromsky experiment paid off when, rather against the run of play, a break down the left resulted in a ball sent across the penalty area and there was the aforementioned Gromsky to put it away at the second attempt. And that was pretty much it for the first half.

The second half was a vast improvement, as Kugler shuffled around the team a little, with Gromsky moving back to his accustomed position, and re-signing Jan Doležol moving back to right wing from the left. Blansko created several chances before a Tasovice defender tried a suicidal back-pass, and Tomaš Zouhar managed to lob it over the oncoming keeper, although being clattered in the process and left flat out on the deck for a couple of minutes. It could really have finished 3 or 4 nil in reality, so a good day at the office basically. Tasovice never really threatened, and I can’t recall David Juran having to actually make a save.

So things are much more hopeful for Divize D survival, and who knows, a promotion push next season!

Come on Blansko!


Juran 6, R. Fousek 6, Splíchal 6 (D.Sural 6), Bubeníček 7, Muller 6, P.Fousek 6, Síp 4, Gromsky 7, Doležol 7 (M. Zouhar 6),Nečas 7 (Jarušek 6), T. ZOUHAR 8



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