Thoughts from the Klobása – an insightful review

The Blansko klobása

The Blansko klobása

With the new season approaching (Napajedla away tomorrow), we asked some of the Blansko Klobasa their thoughts on the season just gone and their hopes for the team for 2014/15. The idea was to do it in a pub, but unable to organise it – we sent them a load of questions via the internet, but if you prefer you can pretend it is in the FK Blansko clubhouse.

What did you think of the season?
R :I thought that it was an excellent season back in Divize considering we didn’t make to many changes in the squad. It was good to see the club strengthen after the winter break and the signings of both Coupek and
Goldelka were inspired.
C: Highly entertaining and pretty successful considering it was the first season back in Divize. And it took me all over Moravia!
W: Really enjoyed it – cemented my affection for FKB as one of my teams. It’s nice to feel part of it all

Which stadiums have you been to in Moravia?
C Well, I guess a few. Polna, Uhersky Brod, Rosice, Vyskov, Velké Meziříčí, Bystrice nad Penstejnem, Bohunice, Bystric and a few more I can’t remember… and The Udolni or course!

What was your favorite game of the season?
R: Bystrica nad Penstejnem away. Not just for the castle, but the 5-1 win away was a superb performance. And Also it was the first time that you could see the people connected with the club accepted our support. 
C: Velké Meziříčí at home. The away fans Were the best of the season and the last-minute equalizer Blansko made ​​it feel like we’d just won a cup final.
W: Two or three candidates for this. Enjoyed all the away games, but must say in particular VelMez, Bohunice and Rosice. Very pleased that the Fun Club appreciate our support and realise that it is genuine. But I will stick with the late fight-back at home to VelMez as my favourite. Felt a real pride in them.

FC Velmez

How many away fans did Velke Mezirici bring?
C: Well, not a lot to be honest – I counted 5? But they had a drum and made one hell of a noise. Although they could probably do with some drum lessons – no rhythm.

What was the score?
C: 2 -2

What about player of the season?
R: I have to give it to Honza Trtilek. Spent the entire first half of the season on his own in attack and the second half scoring and setting up goals for Goldelka. The boy is Blansko through and through. Also special mention to David Juran, he’s a friend on Facebook , whose fine performances in goal got him a trial at FK Znojmo and of course
Goldelka who wouldn’t look out of place in the Synot Liga.
C: I’d also have to say Honza Trtilek, purely for his work rate and goals. He carried the fronline on his own for most of the season.
W: Agreed, for the season got to be Honza T. Best player on the books IMHO. Although Goaldelka is a hell of a goalscorer.

Do you think most fans would agree?
C: I think they’d have to. The table wouldn’t have looked so good without him.


Best trip of season.
R: Polna – An adventure which took us all around Vysocina, met some interesting characters and ended up in a local pub that wouldn’t look out of place in a Stanley Kubrick film.
C: Bystrice nad Penstejnem because I fell in love with the area of Vysočina.
W: VelMez. Nice town. Nice ground. Nice weather. Nice beer. Say no more

What do you like about Vysocina?
C: It’s just got some beautiful landscape, and the castle of course. Many of the towns are nice and it’s pretty calm.

Pernštejn Castle

Pernštejn Castle

Lowlight of the season.
R: Getting drunk on Slivovice in the home dressing room – we won’t be going there again.
W: The slivovice incident. Seemed like a good idea at the time.
C: Losing the abandoned Skoda from the Udolni

Skoda? Where was it parked?
C: Next to a goal just behind the pitch. It was a good mascot for the club – it just needed a lick of paint. The kids liked to bounce balls off of it. It was a sad day when they took it away.



What are your hopes for next season?
R: Some great away trips – plans have been made to travel to one of the games on the Bata canal. A great cup run with a game against tip top opposition and another good season in the league.
W: A decent season with a decent cup run. Keep Honza’s T and K. More fun visits to away grounds. To take out the message of The Klobasa to the world!!
C: Travelling Moravia and hopefully seeing an even greater improvement on a great last season.

How do you think Blansko will do?
C: I’m hoping for a top 5 finish, but we’ve got some new players this year so let’s wait and see how they do.

Best team seen?
W: Rosice. Much better than champions Vyskov IMO.
R: I agree, I think Rosice were definitely the best team I saw, full of ex pros and just took us apart away from home.

Best Goal?
W: Goaldelka’s curling free-kick at home to (?). Bohunice’s free-kick to equalise against us.
R:  Coupek´s against Polna away. From the halfway line (wind assisted)

The ‘We wuz robbed’ award
W: The inexplicable capitulation second half at Vyskov
R: Have to agree with Wingy. I am still unsure how we threw it away at Vyskov…Should have been 4-0 up at half-time.
C: The dodgy refereeing at Bohunice costing us a result.

Good luck to the boys in Blue for the coming season and hopefully there will be more tales of beer, sausage , horseradish and football coming to you from a town in Moravia soon.


The Klobasa

The Klobasa


3 thoughts on “Thoughts from the Klobása – an insightful review

  1. My comments are already out of date. Jan Koudelka has already gone on to better things, if you can say that of Prostejov.

    • It’s no surprise really. Goldelka was way ahead of any other player in the league, so big clubs were always going to have a look at him.

      We’ve brought in a load of youngsters from Brno – lets hope that they are just as good.

      See you on Tuesday at U Dolni.

    • Players can make good money in Prostejov, despite playing in the 3rd division. I live in Prostejov, and I despise the club for many different reasons.

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