End of the Season – Velké Meziříčí

Harrach Brewery

Harrach Brewery

Now, we’re not shy of early mornings but where’s the sense of a 10.15 kick-off in some hard to reach town cast somewhere away in the Moravian countryside. Like I say, we can handle it, but really after the day/night we had before (a game of football laced with whiskey, beer, slivovice and home-made klobasa sent us on our way – maybe more of that soon) a morning start in Velké Meziříčí did seem somewhat cruel as we had to scrape our not-quite-yet-sober heads from the floor and down to the bus station for such an early bus departure. It didn’t help that I got the times wrong, much to my bemusement when I saw Ralph having a miniature heart-attack and gesticulating wildly as I calmly sauntered towards him. ‘We’re gonna be late’, he cried, with that hint of Welshness that rises through him in times of wild dismay. ‘Nah, we’ll be fine’, I replied. I hoped.

This day was an important one because it was the last Blansko away game of a colourful, and I think we can say, successful, season. It was also important because Velké Meziříčí has a micro brewery.

We made the bus, of course, and after alighting from a pleasantly sweat-inducing journey we made our way along the river and the building sites to the football ground of Velké Meziříčí. Now, this has to be one of the nicest grounds we’ve visited this year – the pitch laying low in a recess, surrounded by trees and benches and a decent central stand. A friend of mine, local to the town, informed me that at some point the ground was threatened with closure. I sincerely hope this never happens and the atmosphere there was spot on. We sat and watched a scrappy end of season game that resulted in a 3 -2 loss, with two goals from the formidable Koudelka.

The ground

The ground

We left the ground and headed to Velké Meziříčí’s micro-brewery, Harrach, enjoying a slow walk through the delightful town centre, with a clock tower that had a banner almost commanding you to visit it. We’re rebels, so we didn’t bother – mainly because it was so bloody hot that the very thought of stairs brought us out in sweats. Like all Czech towns at the weekend it was truly empty, leaving an eerie kind of silence hanging in the main square.

Harrach pivo

Harrach pivo

We soon arrived at the brewery (it was actually open) and had an enjoyable, if a little expensive, stay there with a couple of pretty decent lagers, it has to be said. I opted for a schnitzel to accompany my beer, and it would be fair to say it did the job. Another brewery ticked off the list. Eventually, we left the pub to start our ill-researched journey home, accompanied by a load of Iron Maiden fans also on their way to Brno for the show. We managed it though, and even caught a little bit of shut-eye along the way. We lost one of the Klobasa along at Brno as Wingy caught his connection back to the holy town of Blansko. The remainder of us continued on in the sweltering heat to fry in the garden of a tennis pub, drinking down the glorious Dalesice and enjoying the view.

The VM club house

The VM club house

So, that was the end of the season for us at The Blansko Klobasa. We are happy that the new season will start again soon, but in the meantime there are still journeys to make, breweries to visit and meat-products to try out. Believe me when I say, for the Blansko Klobasa the insanity never stops…


It had been a long day...

It had been a long day…


2 thoughts on “End of the Season – Velké Meziříčí

  1. An enjoyable end to a good season. Let’s hope FKB can build on this and we can be looking at a promotion challenge next season. Many thanks to the ‘Fun Club’ too.

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