Better Late than Never



As some of us have been off gallivanting around Moravia in search of quality beer and klobasa ,Wingy – our Blansko correspondent – has kept his feet firmly on the ground. Here he gives us the low-down on all things Udolni following the recent home game with Hodinin…

“As i had missed the back- to-back victories in FKB’s previous two games I had a wander down to Udolní to see The Blues home game with Hodonín. Somewhat hyperbolically described on FKB’s website as a six-pointer (both teams were sitting in mid-table positions, so had only pride to play for really), it was still interesting to see if they could keep up their recent good run.

Two things struck me as I walked around the pitch clutching my first beer – firstly, what had become of the abandoned old Skoda next to the training pitch?  GONE!!! ( Footy fans being of a somewhat superstitious disposition, I foresaw a ‚Ravens-leaving-the-Tower’ -esque type portent of Doom being visited upon our little corner of South Moravia – Honza T to break his leg in the first minute! Honza K to be swallowed up by a sink-hole as he readied himself to pull the trigger! But my fears came to naught). Secondly, the ‚Fun Club‘ area of the stand appeared to be a lot more crowded than usual. And so it turned out to be. Most of the Club had turned out, plus a few others whom I had never seen before. And one of their girlfriends! Who sang! This was more like it!

The first half was no great shakes, with a chance or two at either end, and 0-0 seemed fair. Trouble was I had gone to the bar a little early to replenish the beer supply, and unbeknownst to me, Muller had put us ahead during time added on! So when Hodonín equalised ten minutes or so from the end, I thought we had gone a goal down! Duh! That’ll teach me!

As in the previous week’s game (the 5-1 away thrashing of Bystřice nad Pernstejnem) Blansko then went on a late, late rampage, with another two for Koudelka, and one for The Original Honza, Trtílek. That means four in three games for ‚Goaldelka‘ (what an inspired signing he’s turning out to be), and ten for the season for Honza T.

Blansko then saw the game out by making a series of substitutions, and when Buchta came off(and gave us all a wave, so is now thoroughly redeemed in the Klobasa’s eyes), the drummer adopted the ‚No limits‘ chant of „Robin,Robin Robin…“. Made the game for me, that did….

Impressive performance by the lads, who now are in a top half berth, and relegation seems a distant worry. So now for Polná….”


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