Jan Trtilek – Footballer of the Year

Honza is the one on the left

The Blansko Klobasa are upset, very upset. One of the biggest social events in the Blansko region and did we get an invite? Did we hell!

On Friday night, while some of us were out having dinner, Blansko striker Jan Trtilek was up on stage in Boskovice collecting his player of the year trophy… Of course, we should have been at the castle to join in the celebrations, but we weren’t ( I am sure our invitations are/were lost in the post…)

On behalf of everybody at The Klobasa, we would like to say a massive well done to Honza for winning the award for the second year in a row. After firing Blansko to promotion last season and continuing his good form in Divize, the award is thoroughly deserved. Our only concern now is that other clubs see his potential and offers come in from bigger and better clubs.

Ohh .. and if the good people of FK Blansko are reading this – can we please have an invite to next year’s event..

Oskovice B / B Lansky – football on the Blansko in the men’s category for the second year reigns Blansko striker Jan Trtílek.Decided by the representatives of the 23 district clubs. The awards ceremony took place on Friday 24 January Boskovice castle greenhouse.


The results of the survey footballer OFS Blansko 2013

Category Men:
1st Jan Trtílek (FK Blansko)
second Martin got (SK Olympia Ráječko)
third Ondřej Spaniard (FK Kunstat)
fourth Jakub tenor (SK Olympia Ráječko)
5th Martin Fadrný (FC Boskovice)
6th Tomáš Zouhar (TJ Rakovec Kotvrdovice / FK Blansko)
7th Jan got (SK Olympia Ráječko)
8th Petr Gromský (Rudice / FK Blansko)
9th George Vorlíčkovi (FC Boskovice / TJ Vilémovice)
10th Marek Pernica (FK Blansko / TJ Vilémovice)
11th Antonín Preč (FC Boskovice / FK Kunstat) Category Women: Catherine Zoubková (FK Kunstat / SK Olympia Ráječko)Cadet: Michal Zouhar (Šošůvka / FK Blansko) Category disciples: Luke Vorlíčkovi (Boskovice FC / FC Zbrojovka Brno)product category: Dominik Zouhar (Sokol Lipovec) trainer Category: Radek Sedlacek (FK MKZ Rájec-Jestřebí) Category Judge: Miroslav Nejezchleb (Rájec-Jestřebí) Hall of Fame: Zdeněk Skřipský (Rájec-Jestřebí) Prizes were presented by: Jiri Crha (deputy Blanska), Josef Dvoracek ( Secretary JmKFS), Jaroslav Grégr (Chairman TJ Vilémovice), František Chabiča (judge, member of the Panel of Judges JmKFS), Jaromír Janicek (VV member OFS Blansko, Chairman TJ Sokol Rudice), Karel Jarůšek (football legend, a member of VV FK Blansko), Vladimír Kristýn (Chairman of OFS Blansko, VV JmKFS member, Chairman of ASK Lipůvka), Lubomir Nemec (VV JmKFS member, chairman Tatran Bohunice), Tomáš Polách (professional footballer, last engagement – Fastav FC Zlín), Ivo Pole (Mayor Blanska) Vít Rajtšlégr (Mayor Rajecký), František Stejskal (Chairman of OFS Břeclav), Miroslav Strouhal (Chairman of the Judges’ JmKFS), Jiří Tichý (Czech member of the Hall of Fame football silver from MS in Chile in 1962, 3 Champion League), Lubomir Toufar (MEP), Rostislav Václavíček (Champion League 1978 FC Zbrojovka Brno).


4 thoughts on “Jan Trtilek – Footballer of the Year

  1. Why was there a Mariachi band playing behind them in the photo? Not known as traditional Blansko region music ,to the best of my knowledge.

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