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The Blansko Klobasa

You know when you wake up in the morning with a hangover  and you are humming ” No Limit ” by 2 Unlimited , the previous day might not have gone to plan…. Drinking shots of slivovice in the home dressing room after a 2-2 draw with high flying Velke Mezirici and chanting the names of 4th Division Czech footballers might be considered an exception… or maybe not.

Last Saturday marked the final home game of a successful start to life back in Divize. At the beginning of the season, the club had decided to stick with the majority of the team that had won promotion back in June and the likes of star striker Honza Trtilek, Robin Buchta, David Juran and stalwart Pepa Maska have ensured a healthy mid-table position going into the winter break.

Upon arrival at U Dolni, two things were instantly noticeable, one that they had decided to wait for us before kicking off ( on two previous occasions, some bright spark had decided to start the game 30 mins earlier than advertised) and secondly the ultras had painted one of the benches in club colours to mark their end of the ground. Very nice.

Fun Club Blansko

Tickets, programmes and pivo paid for, we headed to meet The Fun Club, only to find they hadn´t arrived and in their place, standing just above the home “end” ,were 5 spotty teenagers from Velke Mezerici. HAD THEY TAKEN BLANSKO? Alright, there was no need to be so dramatic.. they had just put there flag up and asked us very nicely if they could stay. We said yes and 5 minutes later, they were told to take it down and move somewhere else by the only Ultra who had bothered to turn up.

“You´ll have to help me out today” said the drummer.
I asked where the rest of The Fun Club were.
“Don´t know” he replied.
“Jedeme Blansko, Jedeme” we chanted as a way of showing support.
He banged his drum in appreciation.

The game itself was an entertaining affair. Vel Mez took advantage of two huge mistakes from the Blansko no2 (I don’t know his name, but lets just say he had a shocker) and were 2-0 up with 75 minutes on the clock. Despite creating some excellent chances, The Blues were staring down the barrel of defeat… or were they?

Step forward Honza Trtilek, a god in the eyes of the people of Blansko.

His first contribution was a clever header over the on rushing goalkeeper and in the 93rd minute he forced one of the Vel Mez defenders to the head the ball out of play for a corner. Blansko pushed everybody forward including the goalkeeper and with the last kick of the game, Jan Necas popped up in a crowded six yard box to prod the ball past the helpless Vel Mez keeper. Cue a mini pitch invasion and a lot of high fiving in the home end. I do love a last minute goal and so do the people of Blansko


A decision was taken (I don´t know by who) to stick around and have a couple of beers in the club bar. In hindsight, this was clearly a mistake and must never happen again. As more and more beers were sunk, one of The Klobasa spotted 19yr old defender Robin Buchta making his way to the bar with empty beer glasses. ” Right, let´s give him a song!” As he sauntered by,on his way back to his mates, we let out a “Robin, Robin, Robin, Robin, Robin, Robin Buchta” (to the tune of 2Unlimited´s No Limit) . His reaction told us he had either never had his name sang to him before or he had never heard of the most succesful Eurodance record to ever come out of Holland. Probably both.

Within minutes he was back with his mate Honza Trtilek and enquired if we were The Blansko Klobasa. From the moment we said we were, an invite to the home changing room for a slivovice session was on the table. Never ones to turn down an offer a free drink, we followed them to changing room “Domaci”.

I honestly can´t remember and don’t want to remember much about the rest of the evening, only I have been told that bottles of slivovice were demolished, and 2Unlimited are now big in Blansko.

Auto Skoda


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