Meanwhile, in Zizkov…..

And now a message from Wingy, our Prague correspondent:

While some of us were boosting Dosta Bstryc’s gate figures, I was away in Prague. The original plan was that my mate and I would go to see his ‚Czech team‘, Bohemka (not the false ones, the real ones), but a change of date to accommodate live TV coverage put paid to that. So instead we went off see the less-than-mighty Viktoria Zizkov playing Pardubice in League 2. This could be one of Zizkov’s last games there,as they can’t afford to pay the high rents on the stadium, and judging by the paltry attendance i can see why. During half-time we were handed a leaflet calling fans to a meeting to discuss the crisis. Let’s hope for their sake they don’t go under, as I would hate to see that happen to any club.

As for the game, well a pretty mundane affair, with Zizkov running out 2-0 winners after a stunningly poor performance by Pardubice. Both goals decently taken, but the away side should have done much better with their chances, which were hopelessly squandered. Couldn’t see FKB having much problém with them (and who knows we may be playing them in a year or two.) One bright spot was the unrealistic enthusiasm of the Pardubice fans (10 of them- we could count them!), who produced balloons and flares and were pretty vocal throughout. Well done to them.

Can’t comment on the Klobasa. Didn’t have one!

Two tough games coming up for FKB. Let’s try to go into the winter break on a high note, hoši!

Up the Blues!


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