The Bear Ultra of Bystrc

Bystrc kiosk“Fancy a walk to Bystrc on Sunday? We can visit a few cool pubs and look at Milan Kundera’s house.”

“Great, it’s like a pub and history tour!”

So the plan was set. We would walk to Bystrc for the FC Dosta Bystrc-Kníničky vs SK Bystřice nad Pernštejnem game, taking in the sights and enjoying a long boozy Sunday. However, what sounded like the perfect day was about to take a turn for the worse…

11 was the hour as two of us met at Konečného náměstí in IMG_4072Brno, unawares as to how the day was about to unfold. The light patter of rain fell upon our shoes, but light it was. Initially we were met with success as we sought comfort in Plzeňský dvůr for our first beer of the day. We followed this success with another as we stepped in to Restaurace Na Devadesatce. The beer weren’t so great, admittedly, but it was a pleasant short stay nonetheless. Upon leaving, however, we became aware of the increasing volume of sheet rain. Maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad if there had been another pub open along the way. But there wasn’t.

On we trudged in the pouring rain as seconds, minutes and eventually hours passed. It became increasingly clear that the length of this walk had been seriously misjudged. We trekked up hills, through villages and over valleys, surrounded by the encroaching fog on all sides. As we walked, sodden and dejected, past the airfield pub to discover it too was closed, it became unclear as to whether we would even make it out of this journey alive. The thought of one thing kept us going: klobása.

Well, that and the chance of arriving for kickoff.

Bystrc BearAnd arrive we did. Through the dense greyness of the day the welcoming iron gates of Dosta Bystrc loomed large with the promise of a great game, average beer, and super klobása. We walked through the gates to the sound of the whistle blowing for the start of the game, took our place close to the Bear Ultra of Bystrc and looked on through the rain. And what a game it was, as both teams worked hard through a scrappy 90 minutes of excitement, passion and goal-mouth scrambles. The game ending in a hard fought 1-1 draw.

And what about the klobása? Let’s just say on this form it’s headed right for the top of the klobása league!

Bystrc klobasa

Officials always on hand for important jobs

Officials always on hand for important jobs


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