Distant Drums



I was marvelling at the technology of self-watering plant pots in Hornbach, when I received the news via text message;

“1-0 Zohar. The Honz is off injured”.

So, Jan Trtílek was down during a crucial game. He wasn’t the only one – but while I may have handed in the sick note for a day at a home improvement centre, by Christ it wasn’t going to end there. The magical Wingy was on hand to put us to shame and bring us the latest;

“Only one of us made it to the home game with Pelhřimov, and while it wasn’t much of a game, it was a distinct improvement on the tedium of Uherský Brod. The opposition , wearing a kit reminiscent of Fulham circa 1980, huffed and puffed a lot, but apart from a stinging shot which rattled the upright, and one miss where it looked easier to score, didn’t really trouble our goal. Our goals well-taken enough,though unspectacular. Worryingly, top scorer Honza Trtílek limped off at the start of the second half, though I can’t say he looked very effective before that. Man of the match probably Zouhar, though Maška had his usual steady-Eddie game. Still, three points keeps us in a healthy mid-table position, though it’s hard not to rue recent dropped points that could have seen us not far off the top. Best not get over-optimistic. Come on you Blues! Let’s get something from Vrchovina next weekend. (Tempted to go on the way up to Prague on Saturday)

(NB -No Klobasa consumed – only a pork sandwich from the station buffet!)”


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