Klobasa & CigaruHaving a jolly old time in Blansko’s wonderfully-named Hotel Probe, thinking about half-time klobasa, little were we aware that the game had already kicked-off half an hour early. We only discovered this as we strolled past the familiar smashed-up Skoda haunting the corner of the Blansko stadium and heard the resonating sound of the ultras from high up in the stands. We quickened the pace and stumbled inside.

We needn’t have bothered showing up with such earnest. Blansko played as if they had dropped the klobasa. A heavy Friday night? That’s what the ultras and everyone else must have believed. They played with pivo in their boots, and really in a game they should’ve won. No disrespect to CSK Uhersky Brod, but there was not a lot of quality football going on that day. Apparently, the quality was so bad the club didn’t even bother posting the highlights…

Blansko vs CSK Uhersky BrodThe much anticipated half-time klobasa was inevitably great, but it was the only winner on the day as the game drew to a lousy 0-0 draw.

Blansko final whistle


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