Ref! – Tatran Bohunice vs Blansko

Due to technical difficulties – failing a medical and overeating – we didn’t try the Bohunice klobasa on Saturday. However, it was a game of much intrigue.

Sometimes (maybe often) refereeing decisions can just simply ruin a game a football. Well, many things can ruin a game of football – the weather, your team losing, bad klobasa – but few things are as frustrating as bad decisions. Unfortunately, bad decisions are just what happened on Saturday.

The sun was shining and the birds were singing around the Stadion Tatran Brno Bohunice . As we approached we could hear the pounding of drums, and the chorus of voices screaming in elated unison. God knows what was going on in that sports hall near the stadium but it sounded fun!

The mega arena of Bohunice was much more civilised and a beer before the game was enjoyed in relative comfort. We were lucky to make it really, several had been coming down with the lurgy with one particularly bad case. Blansko is enough to raise a man from the dead, however…

Blansko vs BohuniceThe result was a pretty exciting 2-2, but what was it with those offside decisions? The shockingly bad offside calls led to a lot of raucous disbelief, and it left Blansko without all three points.

Anyway, we’ve been tipped off about a particularly good klobasa, apparently. Where’s Moutnice?

Blansko fans


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