FK Blansko vs Slavoj TKZ Polna – Welcome to Blansko

The Blansko Klobasa
The message was simple, “next weekend btw. Blansko, beer, sausage and beer… oh, and football”.
“Great!” I replied. “Where’s Blansko?”

21 September: We arrived in Blansko, 30 minutes from the Czech Republic’s second city of Brno, and after a quick beer tour made our way to the cauldron that is the Stadion na Udolni in time for the much anticipated face-off between FK Blansko and Slavoj TKZ Polna. A couple of us may be seasoned Blanskoites (having been at least more than once) but for two of this was all new. We paid the bargainous entry fee of 40kc each, picked up our free program and headed straight for some guy in a dark room who, we had heard, could supply us with Blansko scarves for a good rate. Having almost sold out (the club had only ordered 10) we would be lucky if we could get scarves at all, but lucky we were.

Via the bar and the framed Norwich City shirt we picked up our beers and took our place in the all-seater stand alongside the pitch. Not being in the mood for messing we went straight to the ultras and took up seats behind them, impressed as we were by the size of their drum and their offer to us of slivovice from a plastic bottle.

The Blansko Klobasa
The chants were rousing but they, and Jan Trtilek’s prowess in front of goal, couldn’t prevent Blansko falling to a 1-2 defeat, with Polna’s second being the result of a masterclass in passing and finishing. The Blansko Klobasa, however, was something of a masterclass in sausage grilling and a definite softener for the poor result. We had to wait some time for it, but it was worth it.

And this is where the story of The Blansko Klobasa begins – in search of excellence in both football and sausage, but mostly sausage…

FK Blansko vs Slavoj TKZ Polna


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